Hi. My name is Michaela. I’ve just turned 25.

And there is something you should know about me.

I, Michaela, have no plan. Yes. That’s right. I am now old enough to be classed as *gulp* ‘mid twenties’ and I have no plan, and no clue what I am going to do with my life. I could probably tell you what the plan is for the next 25 minutes (it involves tea and watching ‘FRIENDS’ reruns – rock n roll, baby) but the plan for the next 25 years? I’ll be damned if I know.

If you asked 8 year old me what I’d be doing at 25 the response would be something like this.. “Be married, have a house and be cooking baby número uno” ( I always was an ambitious chica).
Well, clearly, none of that has happened – if I met 8 yr old me I’d be so disappointed in myself.

Earlier this year, I must confess, I had what can only be described as an ‘E.L.C’. Not to be confused with the toy store, and ‘E.L.C’ is an Early Life Crisis, because (no matter what a certain Ms. Randle says) I am NOT old enough to have a mid life crisis. So anyways, I had an E.L.C. Nothing too dramatic, I just woke up one morning and thought to myself…

‘WTF am I doing with my life?’

Surely I should have it all figured out by now? I mean, I am a university-level educated woman. If I can plan my dissertation out (THEE most tedious task known to man, I still have dreams about Piaget’s constructivist learning theory and how it applies to the primary science classroom), then surely I can plan my life out?

Everyday I was seeing the gals and guys from my primary/secondary schools and uni sharing their big news (the joy of Facebook) of engagements, mortgages, weddings and babies. These announcements did nothing to ease the confusion and lost-ness I was experiencing. (Yes, lost-ness is a real word)

When the freak out was in full swing I was talking to a pal over coffee ( I say talking, I mean chewing her ear off) about my love, life and why dilemmas and she said something that made me STFU for a second – a miracle in itself I’m sure my close friends would agree.

“ But is that what you actually want? Do you want the house, ring and kid?”

On my annual birthday trip this year I had an epiphany one night. Do I want that right now? FUCK NO.
Whilst I am so pleased for those who have all these things going on for them, it is in no way what I want for ME. At least for now. In fact, the idea of being tied down actually terrifies me slightly.
I made pact to myself on that trip. 25 will be the year I stop measuring the success of my life on the successes of other peoples lives. That is their journey. Not mine.
I might not have experienced marriage, children or house buying in my 25 years on earth, but here are 25 things I have experienced that I am really pretty stoked about…

1. I have lived/studied abroad for a term and survived ( I love VLC)
2. I have road tripped across the USA – in a proper a RV
3. I have watched a real American baseball game in a proper stadium ( St. Louis cardinals vs Houston Astros) the fact I didn’t understand what the heck was happening is not relevant
4. Visited the childhood home of my music idol (RIP John)
5. I’ve run around Paris at Christmas time with one of my best friends (selfie at the Mona Lisa, anyone?)
6. I have busked in St. Mark’s Square in Venice
7. I have sung IN St. Mark’s Cathedral as part of a church service
8. I’ve celebrated Paddy’s day in Ireland (you have to at least once)
9. I’ve seen the Queen Bey live (only fellow Bey lovers know why this makes the list)
10. I have met one of my favourite singers ever (Christina Perri) and have the photo to prove it
11. I’ve got myself a little BA with honours from Kingston University (even if I don’t use it in my current job… Sorry mum and dad)
12. I’m currently the youngest store manager in my region by a good 6/7 years
13. I’ve experienced Fallas – if you don’t know what it is, google it. Then book to go next March. It’s fucking nuts, but amazing!
14. I’ve watched my best friend become a mum and thus become God-mum to the most gorgeous little boy ever in the history of the world
15. Got matching tattoos with not one, but TWO, of my best friends.
16. I’ve seen the Pope (in his pope mobile)
17. I was Queen for the day at the Houses of Parliament (bow down, bitches)
18. I’ve watched the sunrise over Bryce Canyon.
19. Been bridesmaid for my big sister
20. Kicked depressions ass. Twice.
21. Survived my final year at uni ( only my best pals will know why this made the list – it was for sure the worst year of my life)
22. Done Glastonbury!
23. Taught someone how to twerk (shake yo ass!)
24. Witnessed my mum and auntie have a ‘rap off’ at my Grandad’s 90th birthday party.
25. Not died yet!

So. Let’s start again.

Hi. My name is Michaela. I’ve just turned 25.

And there is something you should know about me.

I, Michaela, have no clue what I’m doing with my life.
But, I must say… I’m having a fucking good time figuring it out!


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