Hello world!

Hi everyone!

A little about me… I’m Michaela (my friends call me Micks, hence the blog title), I’m English. I’m the youngest of 3 siblings and the ‘free -spirit’ of my family (their words, not mine).
I love to write. I enjoy music, travelling, laughing, Disney, tea, peace, love & sarcasm. I also get very excited over gluten free food and penguins. Welcome.

I have always written for myself, for many years I have used it as a form of therapy to try and make my thoughts make sense. A friend read some of my stuff on holiday and told me she thought people would enjoy my musings…and that’s how the blog was born.

I originally started on tumblr at micksmusings.tumblr.com. I will be re-posting most of those, and adding some newer things!

Feel free to stay in touch on here, twitter (@Little_Micks) or on Instagram (@thegirlwiththebackpack).

Thanks for checking out my little blog!

Peace and love to you



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