First Ever Baby Cakes

THE MOST INCREDIBLE CAKES!! They were soooo delicious and I had to stop myself eating them for fear of getting diabetes!! haha


Hello world!!!

Wow I have been TERRIBLE lately on updating you on my baking activities! Shame on me!

I do today, however, have a double update on 2 cakes I did for a beloved friend last month for two special people about to have babies!

My friend Michaela is one of the most incredible people I have ever known and I am so lucky to still call her my friend after 9 years! So when Mick texted me and asked me for TWO cakes, of course my response was a definite yes! Oh did I mention Gluten Free was a requirement too? Queue panic!

They were two very different briefs and both challenging in their own ways so I definitely signed myself up for a lot of work and trailing of new techniques!

The first cake was for her beautiful sister, Mel and her husband love Disney and Mickey Mouse…

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