Tattoos are like Marmite.

Tattoos are a bit like marmite. You either love them or hate them. I have 6 tattoos now so clearly I love them.

The reasons for getting (or not) getting tattoos are different for everybody. For me, my tattoos represent me and things I’ve done/ gone through and what is important to me; they are a little extension of me if you like.

Of course, everyone has opinions on tattoos especially my parents. My mum always looks at me with a puzzled look on her face that says “but, why?” whereas my dad normally looks at it and then stays quiet. Neither of my sisters have tattoos so I guess I am the alternative child; the one that decides to permanently scar their body with inkings. Over the years my parents have got used to it, my dad recently said to me (after I got another piercing a few weeks back) “any day you don’t come home with a tattoo on your face is a good day” – that my friends, is the closest I’ve come to acceptance of my ways from dad, baby steps and all that 🙂


Everyone has opinions on my tattoos and my general response is something along these lines….

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 19.44.18


I get it though, I understand that people don’t understand.

As I said before, my tattoos are a little extension of me, so here I explain what they are, where they are, and why I got them.




This tattoo is the closest I have come to regretting getting one. I don’t regret it, because at the time it was what I wanted and, as Charlie said today, “What’s the point in regretting something, it’s already done”. The only reason I want to get this changed ( the idea is already in my head, I just need to book it) is because it doesn’t mean anything to me. I was 18 and wanted a tattoo, that’s why I got it and, now, for me that’s not a good enough reason so I’m going to cover it with something that does mean something to me.



Treble Clef


Growing up I was a big performing arts geek. I was in all the productions, all the choirs, went to the after school dance classes. All that jazz. In fact, when I was in secondary school Choir was my favourite part of the week, singing and music has always been my best form of therapy. Even now you can’t shut me up. I am that annoying person that turns what you say into a song #notsorry. So this tattoo represents that. It represents my love of all things musical, and the epic epic times I shared with my fellow stage kids.




Passport Stamp

This one is one of my personal favourites. My parents had slightly different reactions – my dad said, and I quote, “Is she f*cking mental?”.

Those of you that know me well will know myself and one of my best friends (Jade) took three months out in 2013 and travelled together across the states, in an RV (with Dale accompanying us from Cali -> Florida).

We saw so much that summer, did so much, there was no way we couldn’t commemorate it. We had spoken for years about getting a matching travel based tattoo because we had travelled so much over Europe together and we toyed with the idea of planes, paper airplanes, maps, globes…you name something travel related, we probably discussed it. Then, one day, we were sitting in a bar with Dale and his pals, and it popped into (I think it was my) head. Finally after 3 years, we’d decided. Wink, one of Dale’s friends, recommended a tattooist to us and the next day we booked it, the day after we got inked.


Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 21.25.12

And no, the WT doesn’t meant “White Trash” as Byng suggested.

Roman Numerals 


This one was about commemorating my brother. He would have been 5 years older, but unfortunately he was still born. Now I believe very much in spirits and tarots and all that jazz ,(I don’t believe that when you die ‘that’s it’; I believe there is more to all this than that.) and I have been told by 2 separate people (one that I know, one that I didn’t) that my brother is my guardian angel. So I decided to get his birthday – 28th November – tattooed on my shoulder as a shout out to him and him being my guardian angel; sitting on my shoulder looking after me. This is also the ONLY tattoo I’ve got that my parents had nothing bad to say about; it was for their son after all.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 21.30.51.png





My second matching tattoo; this time with my BFF Mark. Mark is one of my favourite people in the world. We met at uni through a mutual friend and after living together for a year in 3rd year we realised we were kindred spirits and have been stuck together ever since – I’m not sure who drew the short straw there. We call each other ‘pal’, never by our real names. If we real name each other it’s serious you know, like when your mum ‘full names’ you, you know shit just got real. So we decided to each write out ‘Pal’ and get it tattooed on us, I have Mark’s handwriting, he has mine. The strangest thing was we’d both decided where we wanted to get it separately and when we told each other it was the same place – on the inner ankle. Mine is on my left ankle, his on his right.



PAL. ( I tried to get my Star Wars socks in on the action but I couldn’t get the angle right) 

Semi colon.


My third matching tattoo and the newest ink in my collection. This one matches with my girl Charlie. Both of us have suffered with anxiety and depression and we have been ill at the same time with it. Having someone who is going through it at the same as you can make you feel a little less alone, at least it did me. Depression is one of those illnesses that, unless you’ve had it, you can’t really understand it so having someone else who understands the ups and downs and has lived it themselves is priceless. The semi colon represents our joint battle with ‘the craziness’ as we call it. When writing you can either end the sentence with a full stop or use a semi colon to carry it on. Depression is the same. At it’s worst you can be overcome with the urge to hurt yourself, and in some cases commit suicide (the full stop), or you can get help and try to get better and carry on (the semi colon). I’m pleased to say both Charlie and I are carrying on.



Still a bit sore, but I already love it and everything it represents.



It is true what they say; tattoos are addictive. I already have another 3 planned plus a cover up of the stars. I love a good tattoo. Clearly.

What do you think of tattoos? Would you ever get one?

Ink on, man. Ink on! (No I don’t know what that means, it just came out)

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 19.45.04





P.S if you don’t already, you need to watch Tattoo Fixers on E4. Hilarious stories behind awful tattoos and there are 3 incredible tattooists/artists on the show. The receptionist Paisley is just an added bonus; she is a little firecracker and I love her sass.

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