The TayTay Wedding

In case you missed my posts on social media I have just returned from a fabulous few days down on the farm in Kings Lynn. The delightful Amy Jayne Nelson married the delightful Peter James Taylor…oops I mean James Peter Taylor to become the new Mrs. TayTay and I was lucky enough to be apart of their special day.

There were 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen. The bridesmaids, or bridesbabes as we nicknamed ourselves; Emma (Amy’s big sister), Sammy, Nat and Alice (Amy’s friends from school) and Byng and I (who Amy met at uni).

Not only did Ams ask me to be part of her wedding – but also her and Mr. TayTay asked me to write something to be read during the ceremony. Now, I must confess, when I was asked to write something I was under the impression that someone else would be reading it so I was like yes, of course! Whilst drafting it out I sent the first little bit to Amy for her and James to look at because I wanted to make sure that it was along the lines of what they were looking for before I carried on. The readings are an important part of the ceremony, they break it all up and you want them to sentimental but also interesting – I mean no one likes pure cheese do they? You don’t want to be sick in your mouth during the ceremony! So I was both delighted and a little bit sick when a message came saying ‘yes we love it, please can you read it too?’

My immediate reaction was ‘hmmm about that…’ It was fine when someone else was reading it but now I had to I was pooping my pants! Of course I said yes though, it was lovely to be asked (and trusted) to do this – especially when I found out that I would be, essentially ‘opening’ for want of a better word, the entire ceremony. The registrar would do her H+S/turn off phones bit and then I would speak before dashing out to walk in with the rest of the girldem. But, as Amy said, I write how I talk so it wouldn’t sound right coming from anyone else.

I am not one of those girls who have ever thought about getting married or thought about what she’d want her wedding to be like. Until recently I thought that I wouldn’t want to get married. I have since realised that I would like the marriage, just not the wedding. Too much hassle for me, I’d rather elope and then come back and a have a big party. So much thought went into The Taylor’s day. From the pictures of them growing up along the ivy draped windowsills, to the world’s coolest place settings, everything was perfect. It was amazing to see their vision come together within a matter of hours on Friday.

Friday night the majority of the bridesmaids stayed at Amy’s (the guys were kicked out) and we had pizza, talked, laughed, painted nails, swapped surprises, had a pillow fight (just kidding) and enjoyed the fine specimen that is Tom Hardy in the movie Legend; because clearly a movie about the Kray Twins is essential pre-wedding viewing.

I was woken Saturday morning by the gorgeous Fudge (Amy’s dog) licking my face, and it was go go go. The day went so quickly, we were getting hair and make up done, the photographer arrived (he was a complete G), we got dressed, we got to the venue… before we knew it we were watching Amy and James exchanging vows, then stuffing our faces on canapés, having photos taken, eating a delicious dinner, abusing the sweetie cart and the free bar, watching the first dance before joining them on the dance floor to throw some serious shapes. It was a magical day. I haven’t had so much fun for a while.

Some people are very skeptical of love; I can be one of them. I may enjoy Disney movies and any love story with a happy ending, but I know that reality isn’t like that. However, being around Amy and James it is hard to be skeptical about it and the idea of there being someone for everyone. Their love for each other is overwhelming and you just need to see them together for 5 minutes to see how much they completely adore and compliment one another.

I had such an amazing weekend and I am so thankful and pleased that the happy couple decided to include me in their celebrations as they enter married life together. I am also so thankful to them for bringing my fellow bridesbabes into my life – I do believe I made some new friends. They are all beautiful girls, both inside and out.

Two years in the making and now the wedding is over and married life begins.

Thank you for giving me memories that will last a lifetime Amy and James.

Here’s to you!



Below is a copy of my reading and some pics from the wedding. Enjoy!


My speech/reading.




Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 21.58.50

Scrubs up alright, don’t she ; )


Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 21.58.39.png

My treats from the wedding. My bouquet, a tub of sweets and half a bottle of tequila. Shot anyone?

And lastly…

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 21.59.02

The new Mr and Mrs Taylor.

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