Day 8. 2017. Be kind. 

So, we’re a week in to 2017. How are we all? We survived 2016 so that’s something to smile about. How many people have broken their resolutions? Or fallen behind on their goals for the year already? I have. Oops. One of my goals was to write a new post once a week, we’re now on Day 8 and I’m only just writing the first one… my bad! 

I’m sure most of us were not sad to leave 2016 behind. It felt like an odd sort of year, more so than normal. Brexit. The election of Trump as POTUS, the deaths of so many of our favourite actors and musicians. 

Just some of my favourite artists that we lost in 2016

Everyone had their own triumphs and heartaches. For me, no heartache was greater than the passing of  Nick Lashaway. Brother of my best friend, son of another – the world will laugh less with his absence. However, his friends and family are ensuring he’s remembered and in the best way possible. 

Nick: gone but never, ever forgotten! #teamtiger

Going into 2017 there are a lot of thoughts in this head and feelings in this heart that I’d like to share with you all, a week at a time. The posts will vary in length and depth but I trust you to hold me accountable and ensure I write as often as I say here – once a week. Please. 

2017 holds a lot of hope, change and uncertainty for us all – both personally and on a global scale. I’ve already posted my list of ‘Things to remember: 17 for 2017″ so I won’t go on (you can find that post here: Read me! just FYI). 

All I will say is this – please just be kind. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to everyone you meet. In 2017 the world needs more of that. Don’t be the lady I encountered this morning at the grocery store who almost brought the cashier to tears because she didn’t hear her ask for 5 $1 bills instead of 1 $5 bill. Be my friend who stuck up for the cashier and then cheered her up once the old woman had left. Be kind. 

I’ve already got my topic for post 2 of 2017 but if you’ve anything you’d like to see me write about then please let me know. Yoda knows I’m likely to run out of things to write about along the way. 

Happy New Year! Stay blessed!

Xoxo Micks 

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