About Me

Hello to you, the fabulous reader of this blog!

I am Michaela (or Micks as my pals call me).

What do you need to know about me? Well, I’m not quite sure what you’d find interesting but here are a few things…

I would describe myself as an ‘Adult in Training’ (none of us ever really feel like real grown ups, do we?) I am the youngest of 3 – the ‘free spirit’ of the clan, the traveller. I started writing when I was around 21 – it became a coping mechanism for me when I was going through a pretty rough time in life. When I was 25 a friend read some of my stuff and said she would enjoy reading my musings… and voila! This little blog was born (although I did start off on tumblr).

Things I like: writing (obvs), music – The Beatles are my all time favourites, yellow, penguins, sarcasm, friends, family, travelling, Mexican food and margaritas.

The different parts of this blog are

About me – this includes posts that help you get to know me a bit better

Mick’s Musings – My thoughts on various things, lessons learnt, storms weathered.

Adventures of The Girl with the Backpack – all travel related posts.

This is me thinking out loud, stumbling through life one post as a time.

Welcome to the circus!



P.S please feel free to stay in touch on instagram @thegirlwiththebackpack

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Julie conlin says:

    Hi Michaela!
    I love that you have a blog and I can tune into your musings at any time!
    None of what you write here surprises me. I don’t get to hang with you very often (damn!) but in the time I have been with you I have sensed (happily) your shyness, your introverted manner, and your self deprecation. It is part of who you are. And I love it and I know a few other Americans who love it too💗. That part of you should be honored. But it would be really cool if the insecurities that may drive some of the self deprecation made room for feelings of confidence and self assuredness that I know is well deserved… Hell, I don’t know if this is making sense. I just know that I would be a happy girl if your beautiful outward appearance matched your inner feelings and crushed the voices of your sister and that mean hag teacher! Ok. I’m done. That will be $200.00😜. Xxo. Julie


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