Adventures of The Girl with the Backpack

The posts linked off this page will be travel related.

I adore to travel and explore new places, there is so much world to see and I plan to see as much as possible for as long as I am able.

The name ‘The Girl with the Backpack’ was actually born when I started university. I was sat in a lecture hall for the first ever lecture of our course and started chatting to someone. We got on really well and from then on sat with each other in all the lectures we attended together. About a term into the course we were talking about how we’d all been so nervous to start with lots of new people, and how we’d all managed to find each other every lecture to which my friend from the first lecture turned to me and said “Well after we got on so well the first day I just used to look for the girl with the backpack whenever I walked in, and that was you”.

So there we have it, completely unrelated to travel but it has stuck and I have grown very fond of it.

Happy Travelling!