I’ve done the impossible.

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What I’m listening to: John Lennon ‘Imagine’ (It’s always appropriate)


Evening chums!

 I’ve had a cray cray few weeks and have found myself faaaar behind in not only writing but also a lot of the other goals I have set for myself this year. This blog is nothing too heavy – there is only so much pain my heart can take and this past while there has been a lot. For that reason this post is nice and lighthearted – however, as any Disney fan will appreciate, it has also caused me a lot of trauma. Yes, y’all. I’ve done the impossible. I listed my top ten Disney movies.

It was traumatic to say the least. My top 3 were easy, but it’s the rest. I never thought it could be done, but here we are. Impossible is nothing.

Here we go… At number 10 we have….


Brother Bear

I remember first watching this when I was about 15. I laughed – those moose’s crack me up every time. I cried. It is the story of Kenai, a young Indian boy who is turned into a bear and learns some valuable life lessons.

I sang (Phil Collins, I thank you for a banging soundtrack) I’ve also been told I look like Koda more than once, I’m good with that because he cute af.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 20.57.10.png


Another Phil Collins soundtrack, PRAISE BE TO JESUS. He’s up there with Alan Menken for me.

Tarzan, we all know the story – “Me Tarzan, You Jane” What a guy.

giphy (5).gif


The most recent release on this list, I adore this movie. Lin Manuel-Miranda delivered one of the BEST soundtracks to date and I have been known to burst into a song (or 6) from this movie in the middle of the pub. Everyone sing with me “I WAS A DRAB LITTLE CRAB ONCE”.

Moana is our heroine who saves her people by travelling across the ocean, to restore the heart to Te Fiti with the help of a few friends. Also, I really want a pet pig like Moana.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 20.54.35.png

Lilo and Stitch

C’maaaaannnn. This had to be on my list. Lilo is a bit of an oddball – which I’m sure we can all relate to. She wants a friend so her sister lets her adopt a ‘dog’ whom she calls Stitch. Little does she know that he’s actually the galaxy’s most wanted extraterrestrial. Stitch has issues and doesn’t really like people (I can relate on SO many levels) but Lilo is determined to tame him.

This is the movie that showed there are good guys out there (David) and taught that “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten”

I’m not crying, you’re crying! Oh and Elvis Presley is on the soundtrack. I’m sold.

giphy (4).gif


What I wouldn’t give to have my very own Grandmother Willow. From the age of about 10 I wanted to be Pocahontas. I remember going to see it at the cinema – it was my first memory of seeing a movie in the cinema. I loved it. What a girl. Pocahontas was beautiful inside and out. Her best friend was a raccoon and her life coach was a tree. Colours of the Wind is one of my favourite Disney songs ever, it’s message is powerful and still resonates all these years later.

 Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 20.52.37.png


My favourite Disney movie when I was small. This always reminds me of being off school and poorly because that was when I would get to watch it the most. I wanted my own posse of mice friends, a dog called Bruno and the fairy godmother. I’m good without the dead dad and evil step family though.



Mulan. I only watched this for the first time in the last few years but it has quickly become one of my favourites. SHE IS BADASS. What other girl can save the whole of China? Sure she had help, but it was her plan. I think this may have been the first Disney movie that showed us that you didn’t have to be the ‘pretty’ girl to succeed. Your brain is worth just as much as a pretty face, if not more.

Additionally, Eddie Murphy’s Mushu is a brilliant side kick for Mulan and is def in my top 5 sidekicks.

 Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 20.50.58.png


Alan Menken soundtrack.

Robin Williams voiced sidekick (the Genie is the number one sidekick, ever.)

His best pal is a monkey.


giphy (3)


 My favourite Disney princess; Rapunzel. I mean. Hashtag hair goals. She looks at the world with wide naïve eyes and I love it. She has the knack of seeing the best in everyone and making friends with everyone – be it the grumpy palace horse, a pub full of villains or our male lead Mr Flynn Ryder. Another great soundtrack. The scene on the lake gave me my dream proposal even though I’m sure I never want to actually get married. Dreamy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 20.48.33.png


No surprises here. I am called the female Peter Pan at least once a month. I love him, even though that may sound a bit weird. Neverland is my dream home.

“To live would be an awfully big adventure”.

Wouldn’t it just.

giphy (2).gif

So there you have it… any surprises? I actually surprised myself when writing this. There are so many movies that nearly made the list but I stand proud of my top ten. Ask me next week though and numbers 5-10 may have changed. I’ve always been a fickle creature.

What is in your top ten? Tell me do, I could talk about Disney all day, everyday!

The one where Elsa was the inspiration.

How often have you heard the phrase ‘let it go’?

Not including all the times you sang along with Elsa, obvs. How many times in life do we tell ourselves, and the others around us to ‘let it go’?

When you’re having a bad day, life is getting you down it seems to be people’s go to phrase.

“Let it go”.

It’s a great message in theory – accept life and situations for what they are, some things cannot be changed. There is definitely an argument for it being a cornerstone of a happy life.

I just have one problem.

It’s hard.

It’s really fucking hard.


When we’re being asked, or told, to let go of something, it’s usually something (or someone) we’re very passionate about, something we’re deeply connected to. It almost seems like we’re being told to forget about the past – forget about the person or event we’re connected to. Letting go is something very, very different to forgetting though.

If we’re all honest, we all have things we need to let go of. Myself included. If anyone reading this can so “no, I don’t” then I’m really very jealous.

As I previously said, it’s really hard to let go. It takes a lot of work on our part. We have to really look at the situation and work out what it is we’re attached to. Is it really the person or event? Or is it how it made us feel? Is it idea of them and/or it?

Only when we’ve been really honest can we start the process of letting go. When we let go of what’s holding us back and whatever is tying us to the situation then the healing can begin.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us” said someone, somewhere at sometime. I know, it’s cliché af and basic but there is actually some truth in it.

 Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 19.43.13

We need stop over thinking everything. We need to stop projecting how we think the future is going to pan out – that doesn’t mean don’t have goals, don’t have drive and ambition – it means get rid of that image in your head of how you think it will be, get rid of the “I’ll be happy when…” phrase.

If you’re on the “things should be this way for me to be happy train” GET OFF NOW; you have reached your final destination.

giphy (1).gif

Staying fixated on how you think your life should be not only stops us from letting go but also stops us from appreciating what we have now – we all know I’m a big believer in gratitude.

The reality is, and I know it’s hard to hear at times, and even harder to accept, everything at this time is exactly as it should be.


Learning to let go of things that aren’t bringing us happiness will free up energy, time and resources and we can begin to reap the benefits of that. We can put it towards things that are productive, that will make a positive difference and have real, impactful change in our lives.

Let’s all make like Elsa – it’s time to let it go.

 I’ll try my best to do so if you do too.

Pinky promise?

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 19.39.10

Anti – Resolution

December 8th. 17 days until Christmas. You know what comes after Christmas? I No, I’m not talking about the self-loathing that comes with over indulging in all things bad for you; food, alcohol, too much time with the family. I’m talking about New Years. Aaaah yes, that old chestnut; with New Years come New Years Resolutions.


Those that know me well know that, I’m not such a fan of NY resolutions. January is a bad enough month as it is; it normally rains constantly, everyone is broke from spending too much over December, it’s cold, you have to take your decorations down and stop listening to festive songs… the list is pretty long. In fact, I might even go on record to say that January is the worst month of the year. So what do we do? Pile more misery on ourselves by setting ludicrous resolutions that will, no doubt, be broken by Tuesday at 10am.


I am a goal setter. When I sit and think back on the year, as I do each year, I think about the goals I set for myself the previous year. What did I achieve? What didn’t I? Does that still matter to me now, or has my focus changed? Sometimes, no matter how hard you try and how much you want it, life really does get in the way of itself. New year, I feel, should be more about reflecting, refocusing and remembering, rather than resolutions.


I’m also a dreamer and after I really look hard at the things I need to keep after, the things I need to change, the things I need to fix, and the closets I need to clean out, I spend some time dreaming about the things I want to make a reality. I think about those dreams. And most definitely, I dream those dreams.


So out comes the pen and paper, or Macbook, and I write (it’s always more real when it’s written down), I write about the past year, I look to the year ahead.

What I want to accomplish, what I need to accomplish, and what I want to do, just because I want to.


As work has been so completely crazy lately (welcome to retail at Christmas), I haven’t had a chance to set my goals for 2016 or reflect back on 2015 so I cant share any of those with you. I can, however, share with you the things I know I won’t achieve.


Here is my anti-resolution list, a list of things I know I will never change and goals I know I definitely won’t achieve this year. And, you know what? I’m ok with that.


  1. Stop loving Disney


It’s just never going to happen. If it ever did I give Sophie permission to shoot me. Disney is escapism. It helps you believe that you can have a happy ending. You put on a Disney movie to feel good, to see hope and compassion, to sing along with a fake snowman about his love of summer. It also taught me that it is ok to randomly burst into song and dance in the middle of the street and people will join in rather than judge you for it. I’m yet to experience the latter part of that though.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 22.02.28

I will never outgrow Disney.

  1. Stop swearing.


I’ve tried. I failed within about 2 minutes of waking up when I banged my elbow on the door frame. I know ladies aren’t meant to swear but, fuck it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 22.01.17


  1. Learn to control my facial expressions


I try, I really do. I just can’t hide my disgust/excitement/boredness (is that a word?). I could try and lie and be pretty convincing I’m sure, but my face would give me away.

You: Hey do you like my top?

Me: Sure (whilst pulling this face)

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 21.15.18


I’m not sorry.


  1. Learn to drive a car


I’m really not interested; people need to stop giving me their opinions on why I should learn. If I wanted to learn I would, but I don’t. So don’t piss me off. Let me worry about it, alright. Cheers.


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 22.08.40

Me if I ever got in the driver’s seat of a car.


  1. Have a manicure schedule


I always envy those women who always have perfectly manicured nails. I want o join your club, I really do. I enjoy getting my nails done, but I begrudge paying £30 for a manicure when I know within an hour at work they will be chipped. These are working hands. I am cleaning, building products, fitting car seats, taking in deliveries, merchandising, using the till, demoing products… I do not (contrary to popular belief) spend my days sat behind the desk in the manager’s office. No, no. This is a manager who spends her time getting involved, and that means no nicely manicured fingernails.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 22.11.23.png


  1. Give up my membership of the Grammar Police.


Call me Ross Gellar but it really bugs me when people do not use the correct grammar and spellings. We all went to school, you had 16 years to learn when it is appropriate to use the following;


To, too, two

Bored, board

They’re, their, there

Your, You’re

Than, then

They are the ones I see misused on social media the most. Please do your best to use them correctly. It stresses me out when you don’t.



Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 21.36.46




All the best,






Thanks to Glamour Magazine for the inspiration.

These are a few of my favourite things

These are a few of my favourite things…

These posts do the rounds quite often, and as there is nothing easier than writing about oneself I decided to jump on board that bandwagon. I’m also distracting myself because I can’t find the inspo to finish my other blog. So, you guys get stuck with this, sorry about that. Anywhooo…. here are a few of my favourite things.

AAuthor – Roald Dahl, or Cecelia Ahern. I can reread their books over and over.

BBeverage – Tea or Water / Alcoholic would be Tequila or Disaronno

CColour – Yellow

DDisney Film – Peter Pan

EExercise – Running

F Food – I can’t believe I have to choose. Ok, pretty much any Mexican food.

GGroup – The Beatles. I also love One Direction, and I’m not even sorry.


IIdea I ever had – starting this blog

JJoke – A man walks into a bar. Ouch – so bad it’s good.

KKid – tied between my boys Oscar and Mason-James.

LLesson at school – my faves were History and Psychology

MMusical – West Side Story.

N Number – 6

OOrganisation – it has to be the Beagle Freedom Project who fight against animal testing, or All Out who campaign for LGBT rights around the world

P Place – Disneyland. Or Strawberry Fields in Central Park.

Q – Quote – There are many that I love but these 3 are probably my favourite 1. A day without laughter is a day waster (unknown) 2. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent (Eleanor Roosevelt) 3. We accept the love we think we deserve (Stephen Chobsky).

You can read my 10 quotes to live by here: https://littlemicksmusings.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/quotes-to-live-by/

RRomance – completely predictable but it’s Darcy and Bennett.

SSeason – Autumn because baggy jumpers and tea!

TT.V Show – Friends (as if you even had to ask!) Castle and Charmed also rank highly

UURL – YouTube, Word press, IG and FB

V Vacation Place – dream vaca place is Peru (I wanna do Machu Picchu so bad)

WWord – Glockenspiel – say it, it’s a great word to say.

X – eXpletive – too many to list… I swear a lot.

Y Year – 1989, the year I was born, obvs. 2011 (Oscar was born) 2015 (MJ was born)

Z Zoo animal – Penguins


Wasn’t that fun?

Tell me your favourite things.