A change of perspective.

Hi friends,

I’d been feeling pretty overwhelmed about work and I was feeling really very sorry for myself. I’d been covering two stores for about 12 weeks, was struggling to balance everything, focus myself and what we were all trying to achieve; like I said I was feeling very overwhelmed. I got to the point where I was moaning to my work bff about it and no amount of pep talk was helping. I was working long days (including the commute some days it was 14hr days), I was tired and had had some stuff going on outside of work too that I wanted to give more of my attention to and that, quite frankly, needed. The thing is I was happy to do it for my boss, whom I have a lot of time and respect for, but I was also kind of done with it.


Then I saw this post on Instagram:


It was just what I needed to slap some sense into me.


Why was I complaining about being busy? Why was I complaining about work at all? I know we all have days that beat us but c’mon Michaela! If I wasn’t busy at work, if I felt useless and not needed then I would be even more down about it.

I’d had a couple months not working when I got home from America at the end of Jan and I was going nuts at home, NUTS.


Seeing that post (thanks, Jessie J) gave me kick to change my perspective and be GRATEFUL. I’ve been trying to practice the art of gratitude this year more than I ever have; and seeing this reminded me of that. Why was I complaining about a temporary situation? A situation that actually I was probably lucky to be in? I was being trusted to oversee not one, but two stores, only a little while after returning after effectively jumping ship the year before. I’m doing a job I love, I have amazing work colleagues, I actually like/ respect my boss – how many people can say that? Sure it gets overwhelming at times, sure it’s not perfect but looking at the bigger picture instead of the minutia it’s not bad. Not bad at all.

Sometimes a change of perspective is all that is needed.

So next time I moan about being overwhelmed at work, send me the link to this blog!





The year of 27.

Where I am: my bed

Listening to : Paramore ‘After Laughter’

Wassup dawgggss!!

WHAT A YEAR. Next week marks 3 years since I started sharing my word vomit with the world. It is also my 28th birthday. I seem to have made a tradition for myself in sharing lists around this time of year – normally things I’ve learnt. This year though I am going to share 27 things I loved about being 27; it’s a great way to say goodbye to my 27th year.

I started 27 off the saddest and have ended up the happiest. Life will throw all sorts of things your way but it makes you tougher, it makes you funnier (we all know I’m hilarious) and it makes the good times exponentially more magical.

So here it is, 27 things I loved about being 27.


I just so happened to be in Leicester square the same time they were. I was going to the theatre, they were there premiering their movie ‘Eight Days a Week’. I had to jump to see them, but I did. Be still my beating heart.


Since 2010 I have wanted to visit this magical city. An old friend had studied there for a year and his tales made me want to go. This year I did. Leanna turned 21, so we made a special trip. Such fun.


Nuff’ said


Oscar has been the main man since 20/11/2011. He is the best kid, I laugh so much when I’m with him. I could cry with pride at the person he is becoming.

Mason-James – we started the year hating each other. We finished it as best friends. He is the dreamiest little guy.


Momma Sophs asked to go for her birthday so that’s what we did. I was far too common to be allowed in a place like that but I somehow managed to sneak in.


Naughty Norman made it happen last minute. I love that girl and loved that day.


Beyonce pt 2. Croke Park, Dublin. Ain’t no party like a Queen B party.


Many of you know we lost our boy Nick Lashaway in May 2016. This is my tribute to him.


I liked this, huh? Well, yes. It gave me clarity, a different outlook and a better direction. As a result of this…


And who is ‘ride until you do something I don’t like/agree with’


I’d read the reviews, I’d seen snippets on Youtube but was yet to go. Was it worth the wait? Abso-fuckin-lutely. Hilarious, I laughed from the opening number right through to the finale.


Miranda and Stevie had a little day out. Such fun!


When I needed it most, even when I didn’t ask for it, I felt the love from my pals. When I felt like I was free-falling and couldn’t find solid ground they were there at the side saying ‘It’s right here’. Biggest shout outs go to Sophie, Leanna, Dalbs, Rachpal and the BFG.


I finally got to go and see my bro and his hoe in their city.


Y’all know I have lots of friends in the US of A. The only American sport I was really interested in was Ice Hockey. It may have taken 4 years but I finally got to a game. Thanks, Wilf!


What is probably obvious to some was not so to me. I felt very stuck this time last year. Very unhappy with an injured heart. An old dream came back to me and I thought it would change everything. Until I realised it wouldn’t and the dream had changed. I was running away. It’s not necessary.


The most magical day.


Many of you will not understand the significance of this. It’s HUGE..


Happy pill free since Aug ’16.


It feels different this time; I’m so much happier. Sure there are still days I want to put my head through a wall but overall it’s all gravy baby.


So this is happening. Our boss authorized us to be off at the same time saying “Please both come back in one piece as I can’t be down two store managers”
Michelle “Oh I’ll be fine but if she pisses me off too much I might sell her for a camel”


I found those friends that find it acceptable to eat dinner in one place and then go somewhere else for dessert. Hashtag winning. Next time we’re going 3 for 3 – starter, main and dessert at separate places.


If anything is too much effort, delete. This goes for everything from Social Media (see ya, twitter) to friends.


I’ve spoken about this before but this year I made some new pals, ones that I wasn’t looking to make but now I wouldn’t be without them. Big up yourselves.


It was magical from start to finish and the most perfect way to remember him, big love to my American Fam for including me. I’m sure he would have been rolling his eyes at all the fuss haha.


The road to self love, and accepting yourself is a long one. I’d been unhappy for a long time. This year I feel like I have accepted myself more. It will no doubt always be a battle for me but I feel like I’ve made my biggest leaps down that road this year.


For someone that was unhappy for so long this is a big statement to make. 27 will always be the year that I fell back in love with life, I’m excited for the future.

Final thoughts:

Make the most of every single second. Be nice to people. Never go to bed on an argument and never mix your drinks!!

Thank you to anyone and everyone that has impacted my life in the last year, thank you to those I have learnt from. Thank you to those friends that have been there for the good and the bad, I am lucky enough to call some of the best people on the planet my friends. Thank you all for believing in me and seeing my light when I couldn’t see it myself (Amy Jayne, especially you here. You never stop telling me). I’m not quite sure what I’ve done to deserve you all but I am so grateful. I’m going into 28 with so much joy and gratitude in my heart.
Thanks for the adventures. Thanks for the laughs (Byng, especially you. Please never, ever change)


It’s been magic!!

Xoxo Micks

Happy Tears and Thank-Yous.

Location: Starbucks

Listening to: My ‘Musicals’ Soundtrack

Last night went like this.

5:30 – Home, spend the next hour hanging out with the fam and winding my BFF/ nephew MJ up (just for the record – when Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse comes on the TV and he runs up to me, arms raised to pick him up and dance with him to the theme tune is one of my favourite moments of the day)

6:30 – MJ and co leave to go home. Potter around for a couple of hours.

8:00 – Quick 10 min phone call with the BFG, chatting work and life

8:20 – BFG calls back with more news.

9:00 – Ready for bed (so yes, the answer to your question is I AM rock n roll), Netflix on. It’s a ‘The Big Bang Theory’ kind of evening.

9:15 – Another friend messages me to say ‘Thank you for being my friend’ we chat for a while

9:30 – Chat finished.

9:40 – I have been lost in my thoughts for the last ten minutes and suddenly find myself crying.

Yep, for no reason at all I just start crying.


Then I start thinking, what is wrong with me? I have no reason to be crying. Why am I such a weirdo? I have always been a bit of a weirdo – I kind of like it to be fair – but more than a healthy amount of weird is the person that just starts to cry. They weren’t sad tears but rather happy ones, grateful ones. We all know happy tears are a thing but it isn’t something I recall affecting me too much. In fact I can tell you the four times I have ever been affected by happy tears.

  1. When my friends surprised me on my 18th birthday
  2. When Oscar was born
  3. When MJ was born
  4. When Arlo was born (which was actually today, the day I started this post)

That’s it.

4 times.

The happy tears came from a place of gratitude though. I was grateful. I AM grateful. I know it sounds odd but I have had a bit of a roller coaster these last six months. I left a job I thought I was done with, started a new one that I was a bit bored on but met some lovely people, rediscovered an old dream of living that Oz life, quit job, flew to America, decided I’d changed mind on old dream and came home in more ways than one.

I must have been a bit of a nightmare during that time. I know some of my nearest and dearest were worried my old friend depression would come knockin’ on my door again (he hasn’t) and were worried I’d regret my decision (I don’t) and thought I was having a mid-life crisis 30 years too early (my old/new bosses words and he isn’t completely wrong).

The support from the majority of people during these hectic few weeks and months has been sure and steady from those I always knew had my back and some I didn’t know did but was pleasantly surprised to find out they do. Of course there have a been a couple of people who have surprised me in an unpleasant way but I am choosing not to dwell on that, I’d rather move on from those people and leave them pre-breakdown.

I have written about the power of gratitude before. I’ve spoken about it to a few people. Thoughts become things – positivity breads positivity. Last night, after I got that message from my friend – which was completely unexpected – it triggered a non-verbal wave of gratitude. I don’t understand my emotions sometimes but last night I decided that I would write about it and list my thanks to my many family and friends that have been there for me this last while.

Role call please…

Mi familia – I apologise for freaking you out at 3am when I called to tell you I wasn’t going to follow the yellow brick road. Mel and DC, I’m glad I didn’t wake MJ up but to be fair you could have taken him to mum and dad’s as they had breakfast at 4am to ‘celebrate’. THANKS FOR BEING SO COOL WITH ME AND MY WAYS.

Mrs. Howman – the message you sent me when you found out I was coming home, made me cry – thanks for that. We’re so similar in so many ways, not just the fact that we were both Grandad’s favourites. We’ll always be cousins because of the whole ‘blood’ thing but I hope we’re always friends too.

Denise (or Dennis the menace) – who’d have thought that my very first supervisor at work would turn out to be such a good friend? 10 years is a long time to put up with anyone, especially when you work with them too. Thanks for always being there with a cup of tea to listen and tell me when I’m being a dick. You’re one of the few people I actually will listen to. We don’t really do emotions but I don’t think I’ve said thank you enough over the years.

Rachpal – Thanks for being my best friend. We’ve done a whole lot in the last 7 years but mostly we’ve laughed. We’ve laughed so much. An afternoon with you is the best tonic for most of life’s woes, even if you can’t fix it you’ll always try. You always keep me realistic when I’m chasing something. You’re not just a ‘yes’ person and I love that about you. Oh, and thank you for making your babies. I love them dearly.

The 4130 Rincon fam (Momma Sophs, Liseeee, WIlf) – you were all so cool during my breakdown, when the decision was made there was a simple “that’s cool, there’s no judgement. Just a margarita when you’re ready”. I know I’ll always have a safe place there with you if I ever need it and that puts so much peace in my heart. You are the greatest. Love you!

Markus – my brother. You were the one (along with Momma Sophs) that reminded to listen to me and what I wanted; no one else had done that for a long time. How you made out what I was saying during those voice notes where I was crying I’ll never know. Thanks for always being there to pick me up when I fall and to then push me back over again so we both have something to laugh at.

The BFG – I think I’m stuck with you whether I like it or not! You are one of the most genuine people I have ever met (and the most talkative) and you never tell me something just for the sake of it – you’re another person who isn’t just a ‘yes’ person. Thanks for taking losing the Oz holiday so well, at least we can adventure together now… oh the fun we’ll have! You’re a good egg, and I’m glad you chose me to harass all those phone calls ago at work. ( I know, I know HOW RUDE).

Humy – when you look at us we are so different, you are the glamorous, cool girl whilst I’m the dorky girl in comfortable shoes but somehow it works. It has since day 1. We might not see each other as often these days but I’ve survived a few personal shit storms with you by my side and visa versa. You’re incredible. Thank you.

Alice Lorraine – in the words of our favorite, Rick Astley “never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you, never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you” I realise that he means it in the romantic sense but it translates to friends too, kind of. Thanks for sticking around.

The best of the rest…

Byng – you are bloody brilliant. My life would be sooooo dull without you.

Mr and Mrs TayTay – thanks for offering me a home from home and thanks for always being supportive. Amy Jayne, you’re one of my biggest fans. Love you.

Charles in charge – There’s no one I’d rather singalong to T-Swizzle with.

The original 010 crew – you know I’m an idiot but you take care of me anyway. Thank you. I have never laughed at work with anyone more than I did with you.

Sophia and Leanna – I feel like I never see you anymore but remember you’re always my favourites.

J-RO, I miss the days when you and I could just hang out , the two of us. I miss you, friend. Thanks for the memories, we’ve had the best times.

Steph, RhiRhi, Ags – we’ve gone in such different directions and even though I am not much older than any of you – in fact I’m younger than one but won’t say which 😉 – we’ve never lost each other. There’s something really beautiful about that. I’m so proud to call you my friends.

Naughty Norman, you deserve your own shout out. You’re a top bird, cheers mate.

Heather, the sass queen, you’re bloody brilliant. Thanks for being you, crackhead.

In case you couldn’t tell I’m surrounded by some pretty f@ckin’ awesome people! I don’t know what I did to deserve it so I’m not questioning it, just saying thanks a bunch!

Something else I am also thankful for is to be going back to work! Around this time last year I was out with a friend and I remember saying “ I really love my job” and they replied “ I can tell”. I start back at work in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to get back to feeling like that. Various things in last half of last year made me lose interest in work and I felt a bit bored with it all. I am going to be working for someone who I have a lot of respect for and surrounded by faces old and new. I’m so excited to be given this chance and to be out the house and interacting with everyone again for wholes days rather than just hours. To be working with friends again. Being unemployed is boring and I’m so bad at it. I think this is the best time to thank Netflix for keeping me company, though.

2017 is only 2 months in, and already I have so much to look forward to. I’m feeling good; life is good. 2017 holds a lot of potential and I’ll try and remember to say thank you every step of the way.

Oh, and to anyone else I may have forgotten… thanks



#100daysofhappy. #100happydays. #100daysofhappiness. Happy happy happy.

I have recently started doing the 100 days of happy challenge on social media which, on day 12, I am sure some people are already bored of seeing, the rest of you wait on tenterhooks for my daily postings, don’t you? You little loves. I always knew I liked you.

This trend has got some stick for making people look at ‘boring’ posts on social media, that whilst the challenge has great intentions it should be kept private as those that dreamt it up state on their website state it is ‘for you’ and social media is just that – social. No one wants to see the daily pictures or posts of things that have made you happy – because no one else cares that seeing your friend for dinner or starting that book made you happy. You know what I say to those people? STOP BEING A PARTY POOPER.

Frank in ‘Father of the Bride II’ (what? It’s a cool film!!) taught us all that every party has a pooper but on this one occasion, this one time, I am taking a stand. NO PARTY POOPERS ALLOWED. If you don’t like people like me posting what you consider boring and mundane things that make us smile then, honey, hit that unfollow/unfriend button because I’d rather you left this party than sat there in the corner being a bitter Becky about it; even if you have got good hair.

Different people have different reasons for starting the challenge. A lot of people have spoken about wanting to see more positivity on social media, some have started because they don’t feel they have time to be thankful or happy so this gives them that time, and some people have done it just for the craic. Me? I did it because I needed to check myself. Honestly, I needed a lesson in gratitude. I am being pulled in a lot of different directions at the moment (I know, I know boohoo) and I was beginning to feel bitter and begrudge giving people my time and energy. I just wanted everyone to leave me alone for a year or two so I could catch up on my sleep and get back to feeling semi-healthy. I was exhausted, suffering with nausea and awful dizziness that just wouldn’t budge. I was becoming the previously described party pooper. Those friends that really needed me, it became something of a chore to be there for them – something that I hate to admit but it was the truth. I only wanted to see a select few people. Most of who live nowhere near me then when I realised this I became annoyed about this.

My darling Linda was trying to help me from her home in LA LA with remedies for dizziness and reminded me of the book she gifted me a year or so back called ‘The Magic’. The basic premise of the book is that thoughts become things; you need to take a moment each day to be thankful for what you have. The more you are thankful, the more good things come your way. Gratitude is the key to a happy life. I had originally opened the book to look at the health chapter but quickly realised that it wasn’t just my health that needed a look at. My attitude did too. The negative attitude I had recently copped wasn’t helping anyone and that I needed a serious lesson in gratitude. Just like anyone else I get tired and snappy and am not a joy to be around – normally that was restricted to early mornings and late nights but somehow it had spilled over to all day, everyday. I wanted this to change; I will always try and choose positive over negative and pessimistic people are my least favourite people. People that constantly feel sorry for themselves and feel the world owes them something are the absolute worst. So how had I become one of them? How would I change it?

That was when I recalled seeing various friends’ previously posting #100happydays and decided to Google it, twenty minutes later I was on the mailing list and had planned to start the next day.

That was just under two weeks ago and you know what, it’s worked! 12 days in and I am already feeling lighter in myself, getting back to where I need to be so I can be the best version of myself and live my best life with the people who mean the most to me. I’m feeling much more sociable, less sorry for myself but still as sleepy. Hey, some things never change. Once a sleepyhead, always a sleepyhead.





p.s let me know your ‘happy’ moment from today

p.p.s 100happydays.com is the site you need if you want to start it yourself. HAPPY POSTING





International Women’s Day




Yes, that is a thing. Didn’t you know? (I didn’t either I found out last week; I’m not sure if that makes me less of a woman but hey ho) What is it all about I hear you ask?


It is a “global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity”


There have been events all over our little globe celebrating Women and what they have achieved – there was a Gala lunch in Hong Kong with an “inspirational keynote address” by Jackson Katz, a conference in Aberdeen looking at social media, digital comms and education and how these are central to career development for ladies. In Ontario there was a day celebrating Women in Aviation and encouraging a new generation of girls to become pilots. Today there is an art exhibition in Gibraltar showcasing some of the best art by local female artists whilst also raising money for the local charity “women in need”. Of course London too has got in on the act: the WOW –Women of the World festival is one of the various things happening in the capital and the one that I am totes gutted I missed out on; it looks super rad. Check it



Now dudes, don’t hate – this isn’t about ignoring the contribution you’ve made to the world; it’s about noticing what women have done to make the world a better place in all areas for everyone. It is about promoting equal rights, for ALL. And you only have to look at the news to see that there is not equal rights for all; and obviously this isn’t restricted to different genders let’s be honest. It’s best that I don’t get started on that though because otherwise this post will never end.


So, on this International Women’s day I am celebrating some of the fabulous women in the world and in my life that deserve all the praises, all of the days.


  1. My mum


She’s an absolute bloody legend. One of my favourite people in the world, who has, as most people have, had a lot of shit to handle throughout her life and is still smiling; I laugh with her more than anyone else. Like most girls, when I was younger I hated her getting all up in my business but now, I go to her with my business. My mum taught me to laugh at myself, knocks me down a peg or two when I get too big for my size 4 boots, and she comes out with some of the best one liners you’ll ever hear. She’s just super fucking rad, Mazza, I love you.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 20.54.47

Mazza and I doing what we do best. Laughing


  1. Annie Clark and Andrea Pino


These are two ladies you may not have heard of but they should be. These two girls have taken on the biggest colleges across America to ensure they handle the reporting of sexual assaults on campus in the correct way, the right way. They filed a Title IX complaint against their college UNC (University of North Carolina) after they were both raped during their first weeks at the university and the university administrators failed to acknowledge the assaults and were, to put it lightly, unsympathetic to the girls after their attacks. They have started a group called “End Rape on Campus” to bring together survivors of assault from colleges all over the USA to support each other and challenge schools and challenge the law to recognise the severity of this problem. Visit http://endrapeoncampus.org/ for more info. You can also learn more about their stories by watching the documentary ‘The Hunting Ground’.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 22.30.04

Andrea and Annie


  1. Rachel McCarthy


This girl. My skin and blister, sister from another mister; I’m sad I went 20 years without knowing her. I just simply love her; I’m struggling to put into words how much she makes me love life. I admire Rach for so many things; her attitude, her manners, her sense of humour – but nothing more than for being the amazing mum she is to my favourite guy, Oscar. He is turning into the funniest, kindest most heartbreakingly handsome boy in the world (I may be slightly biased but I’m sure you’d all agree if you spent 5 minutes with him). She is doing motherhood right, if I ever have children I will be happy to be half the mother to my kids that she is to Oscar.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 20.58.58

Rach and I at the funfair in Valencia


  1. My favourite LadyGang aka Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin and Jac Vanek


Every Tuesday a new podcast is automatically downloaded onto my phone. On my way home I laugh so hard I get odd looks on the train – these ladies are making it cool to be real. They jibber jabber for 45 minutes a week over mimosas and sweet treats and make you wish you were at brunch with your best gal pals. They talk about anything and everything. Life in Hollywood (Keltie works in TV, Becca is an actress), business (Jac has a self made business selling super cool things – check it here) and the struggles of womanhood in general. Most weeks includes a celebrity guest but my favourite parts of the podcast are ‘Good week, Bad week’ – where they say the best and worst thing that has happened to them the past week – I’m still laughing at Becca talking about her sharting in her yoga pants – and #AsktheLadyGang which is where listeners send in their questions for the girls to answer; this is the part where I sit there and think about the advice I would give too. It’s just a super cool podcast, where 3 women are celebrating other women and life and friendship. The best part is you can get it on iTunes for free! Go subscribe; you won’t regret it!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 22.29.31

L to R: Becca Tobin, Keltie Knight and Jac Vanek


  1. Diane Alice Lorraine Dalby


The woman that gave me my first job and the MC bug; even though she jumped ship 7 years ago to run her own business with her hubby. She turned the quiet, naïve 17 year old Michaela into the loudmouth Micks that you’ve all come to know and tolerate. This year will be 10 years since we first met and I would not be without her, ever. Which is kind of funny because I actually didn’t like her when I first met her; something we laugh at now. I thought she was a bit of an ass back then, she thinks I’m a bit of an ass now; the tables have turned. My life coach. My confidante. My cheerleader. My friend. Di seems to see something in me that I don’t see in myself, something half decent. One of my favourite people in the world.

P.S if any of you ever find yourself in Weymouth go and stay at their guest house; it’s bloomin’ lovely. To check it out, click here.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 22.43.24

We have so much fun together. Clearly.


  1. Emma Watson


You just need to watch this video to know why she is on my list.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 22.28.17

  1. Audy


Aud and I have had a rough ride this last year, things have been strained – something which we both admit. I am pleased to say we seem to be back on track now. If you know Audrey you know why she is on this list. This woman is the true definition of STRENGTH. In the decade I have know her she has been through more shit than most people go through in a lifetime –it isn’t my business to tell everyone – but I’m just going on public record to say that, Aud, I’m in awe of your strength. Knocked down 7 times, you stand up 8, still kicking and screaming. After everything you still have a heart of gold, you feel so much, so deeply (even though you pretend you don’t) and it is incredible to see. I will never forget that you came around the day my Grandad passed away just to drop off flowers, offer condolences and bring me a little penguin gift to ‘make me laugh’. You really are one in a million please don’t ever change.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 20.54.12

Micks and Maud at Becky’s wedding 



  1. Every woman in my life


I am quite choosy about who I give my time to now, if you’re one of my best friends or closest pals you are there because I love you. You all show me unconditional support and love, and are doing life right mixed with the right amount of passion and crazy and you all inspire me everyday. So thank you for choosing me as a friend, for making me feel loved, understood and enjoying – and sometimes encouraging – the crazy. You all rock. I feel I will have forgotten people in the list below but please, charge it to my head and not my heart.


Melanie (free hair cuts are the best hair cuts) Melissa (DANGER) Sophie (the little sister I never had) Jade (sloppy) Leanna (let’s get the chicken nugget tattoo) Denise (Denise, Denise, I talk about her all the time!) Huma (Miele) Amy (my favourite punch bag) Byng (there would be so much less laughter in my life without you) Steph (superhero in nurse form, I’m so proud of you), Charlie (my sunshine and showers, thank you for the T-Swift sing-alongs), Auntie Pol (Ignore Adam, you have a great singing voice), Becki (Norman Price, miss ya), Carol Lorraine (HI CAROL), Nicolias (My favourite friends quoting dino) RJ (my best posh bird, how’s Giles?), Agy (I still have bottom envy), Kelv (no way, no way, manamanaaa) The cousins that I haven’t seen in sooooo long Katie, Lorna & Amy (Kate, we really were Grandad’s faves)… Lisa (Linda, my Bostonian mother), Momma Sophs (I really like it), Philomena (I LOVE YOU)…this list is endless.


Today, and everyday, I celebrate you and am grateful for you and to have you by my side as I try to make my way in this big old world.


Here’s to the ladies.









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