I’ve done the impossible.

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What I’m listening to: John Lennon ‘Imagine’ (It’s always appropriate)


Evening chums!

 I’ve had a cray cray few weeks and have found myself faaaar behind in not only writing but also a lot of the other goals I have set for myself this year. This blog is nothing too heavy – there is only so much pain my heart can take and this past while there has been a lot. For that reason this post is nice and lighthearted – however, as any Disney fan will appreciate, it has also caused me a lot of trauma. Yes, y’all. I’ve done the impossible. I listed my top ten Disney movies.

It was traumatic to say the least. My top 3 were easy, but it’s the rest. I never thought it could be done, but here we are. Impossible is nothing.

Here we go… At number 10 we have….


Brother Bear

I remember first watching this when I was about 15. I laughed – those moose’s crack me up every time. I cried. It is the story of Kenai, a young Indian boy who is turned into a bear and learns some valuable life lessons.

I sang (Phil Collins, I thank you for a banging soundtrack) I’ve also been told I look like Koda more than once, I’m good with that because he cute af.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 20.57.10.png


Another Phil Collins soundtrack, PRAISE BE TO JESUS. He’s up there with Alan Menken for me.

Tarzan, we all know the story – “Me Tarzan, You Jane” What a guy.

giphy (5).gif


The most recent release on this list, I adore this movie. Lin Manuel-Miranda delivered one of the BEST soundtracks to date and I have been known to burst into a song (or 6) from this movie in the middle of the pub. Everyone sing with me “I WAS A DRAB LITTLE CRAB ONCE”.

Moana is our heroine who saves her people by travelling across the ocean, to restore the heart to Te Fiti with the help of a few friends. Also, I really want a pet pig like Moana.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 20.54.35.png

Lilo and Stitch

C’maaaaannnn. This had to be on my list. Lilo is a bit of an oddball – which I’m sure we can all relate to. She wants a friend so her sister lets her adopt a ‘dog’ whom she calls Stitch. Little does she know that he’s actually the galaxy’s most wanted extraterrestrial. Stitch has issues and doesn’t really like people (I can relate on SO many levels) but Lilo is determined to tame him.

This is the movie that showed there are good guys out there (David) and taught that “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten”

I’m not crying, you’re crying! Oh and Elvis Presley is on the soundtrack. I’m sold.

giphy (4).gif


What I wouldn’t give to have my very own Grandmother Willow. From the age of about 10 I wanted to be Pocahontas. I remember going to see it at the cinema – it was my first memory of seeing a movie in the cinema. I loved it. What a girl. Pocahontas was beautiful inside and out. Her best friend was a raccoon and her life coach was a tree. Colours of the Wind is one of my favourite Disney songs ever, it’s message is powerful and still resonates all these years later.

 Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 20.52.37.png


My favourite Disney movie when I was small. This always reminds me of being off school and poorly because that was when I would get to watch it the most. I wanted my own posse of mice friends, a dog called Bruno and the fairy godmother. I’m good without the dead dad and evil step family though.



Mulan. I only watched this for the first time in the last few years but it has quickly become one of my favourites. SHE IS BADASS. What other girl can save the whole of China? Sure she had help, but it was her plan. I think this may have been the first Disney movie that showed us that you didn’t have to be the ‘pretty’ girl to succeed. Your brain is worth just as much as a pretty face, if not more.

Additionally, Eddie Murphy’s Mushu is a brilliant side kick for Mulan and is def in my top 5 sidekicks.

 Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 20.50.58.png


Alan Menken soundtrack.

Robin Williams voiced sidekick (the Genie is the number one sidekick, ever.)

His best pal is a monkey.


giphy (3)


 My favourite Disney princess; Rapunzel. I mean. Hashtag hair goals. She looks at the world with wide naïve eyes and I love it. She has the knack of seeing the best in everyone and making friends with everyone – be it the grumpy palace horse, a pub full of villains or our male lead Mr Flynn Ryder. Another great soundtrack. The scene on the lake gave me my dream proposal even though I’m sure I never want to actually get married. Dreamy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 20.48.33.png


No surprises here. I am called the female Peter Pan at least once a month. I love him, even though that may sound a bit weird. Neverland is my dream home.

“To live would be an awfully big adventure”.

Wouldn’t it just.

giphy (2).gif

So there you have it… any surprises? I actually surprised myself when writing this. There are so many movies that nearly made the list but I stand proud of my top ten. Ask me next week though and numbers 5-10 may have changed. I’ve always been a fickle creature.

What is in your top ten? Tell me do, I could talk about Disney all day, everyday!

All I ever wanted was the world.

Patience is a virtue, or so we’ve been told. I am not, by nature, a patient person. I want everything done yesterday and I want to be where I want to be now not tomorrow, or the next day, or this time next year. I can be very short-sighted when I’m looking at things; I don’t always see the little steps that lead to the big picture. I then end up frustrated and annoyed at myself that I haven’t turned my goal into reality within 2.5 seconds. There is a reason that my old work team (MC Massive, big up yourselves) called me Veruca Salt.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 21.07.33.png


In my defence though, it’s not something that many of us practice – life moves so quickly for so many of us that time to be practice patience is a luxury most of us feel that we don’t have. We are so switched on, all of the time. Running from A to B, working towards that next deadline. Time to plan and slow down, time to reflect on what we have accomplished is pretty much non-existent. We’re too busy looking at what we HAVEN’T done in the time frame we’ve allocated we look past what we have – I’m sure it can’t just be me that does that, or is it?


Luckily for me I have people around me that are willing to inject me with a shot of reality at just the right time. When I get excited about something, I want it as soon as possible so I come up with crazy plans and time frames in which these things are going to happen – I guess you could say I get carried away. This past week I finally got down to Eastbourne to see my most favouritest people in the world (yes, favouritest is a word) and whilst we were sitting in The Art House eating, drinking and catching up I was talking Rachel through my recent decision to click my ruby slippers home instead of following the yellow brick road to Oz (sorry, having musical conversations on Facebook whilst trying to write) and discussing what is next for me, what I’ve decided I want now I have taken the time to actually think about it and start being a real grown up. (I feel like I’m betraying Peter Pan just typing that)




So there I was spouting all these things off that I want to achieve by tomorrow and Rachel was there, as she always is, to be the one to talk me down with a “you can do it all, just not as quickly as you want”. Michaela’s the name, high expectations is my game. I have been told my expectations are too high frequently and that I expect too much of both myself and others. This is just an example of that – having someone kick me a bit and help me be a bit more realistic on what I can achieve in a set time frame is a gift. It also means I am less likely to hate myself and call myself a complete failure this time next month when I haven’t done it all. As Rach said, nearly everyone has things they want to do, things they would change about their life but you have to be realistic about what you can do and when. Just because it isn’t happening now doesn’t mean it won’t ever. (MY BEST FRIEND IS SO WISE, Y’ALL)


So tomorrow I am going to sit down and re-write my 2017 goals (we all know January is just a trial month anyway, it doesn’t really count) with time frames to achieve it in and y’all, for once in my life I’ll make them realistic, I’ll exercise patience. Well, I’ll try… I mean I am new at this patience thing, cut me some slack!







p.s I realise I am not from Texas and the like where it is acceptable to say y’all, but I just enjoy that amalgamation of words so don’t hate!


p.p.s Rachel, thank you for being awesome


p.p.p.s Thanks y’all for reading #sorrynotsorry : )