The one where I talk about toxic thinking. 

Now before I finish this post, I’d just like to say I am not posting this for any kind of validation. I am not posting this so people can say ‘oh, Michaela you’re so great’ I’m posting this because this is genuinely how I feel and it is where my head is at 75% of the time.

I have, historically, struggled to open up about how I feel. My mum is constantly telling me how guarded I am, how closed off I am. When I started writing I started writing for me and then when I started to share some of that with the world I said that I would do my best to share not just the light hearted stuff but also the stuff that makes me feel uncomfortable, the stuff that people might read and say “WTF is wrong with her?”  

This is one of those posts and it is triggered by a couple of things that have been said to me in the last couple of weeks. 

The first was that I am, what is known as, a toxic thinker. I was talking to my boss about some stuff and this phrase came up. It’s really stuck with me. 

The second was that the world owes me some happiness. One of my friends said that to me; that I work really fucking hard, that Karma was the world’s energy and that when you are a nice person and always put everyone else first then yes karma should give you something back. 

I batted this back, naturally, by saying the world doesn’t owe me anything. I do believe this to be true, the world was here first. I’m lucky to just be living on it. 

I then thought back to the conversation about ‘toxic thinking’ and realised this reaction to someone saying something (that was actually really fucking nice) was proving the point. The thing is, until now I’d never thought of it as being a detriment to my own mental health and self worth. I never thought that me thinking that I didn’t deserve any kind of goodness wasn’t normal. I figured most people would react the same way as me if asked. Who knew I could be so dense? 

I was also so focused on wanting to be the best for other people, for wanting to cheerlead them in their lives that I always felt uncomfortable with people doing that for me. 

I never felt that I deserved anything that was out of this world in ways of praise, relationships, or love. People would tell me I deserved the best and I’d laugh. I never felt entitled. I have always viewed myself as mediocre at best.

“We often judge worthiness on what people contribute, and if you haven’t done much that is considered ‘valuable’ by society’s standards, you may not feel very worthy of any sort of rewards. You see how many people just get by, or live terrible lives, and you think what is so special about you..why do you deserve to get everything you want” –

The standards I set myself are sooooo high and I might not meet them all the time. I can’t be the best at everything I do, I just need to learn to take the victories where I can. 

I need to remember that me having to bail on a friend doesn’t make me not worthy of their friendship. I need to remember that me not being able to split myself in 6 or achieve everything I want to at work doesn’t make me a bad manager (I am notorious for wanting everything done yesterday)

How can I have the life that I want if I don’t think I deserve it? The short answer is I can’t. Only I can change my perception of myself and in turn change my perception of what I think I deserve.

Is gonna be easy to change my thinking? I doubt it but I’ll give it a go.

Here’s to less toxic thoughts and more self love ❤️ 

Peace ✌🏼 

xoxo Micks 

Everything is temporary.

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“Everything is temporary. Everything. How you feel now, you wont feel that way in six weeks, in six weeks how you feel you won’t feel the six weeks after that. Nothing lasts forever”

This is part of a conversation I had with Charlie at dinner last night. We were talking, as you do, about situations that we had recently found ourselves in in life and how it sucks when things don’t turn out the way you hoped and planned.

 Letting go and moving on are two things that go together; like mac and cheese, or Ant and Dec, they are eternally meant to go together. It’s a part of life. We need to accept it – only then can we truly learn to let go.

 Just because things don’t work out the way you plan, doesn’t mean it’s been a waste of your time. It just means it wasn’t meant to be, or the timing was off, it just means that there was a lesson to be learnt and, once the lesson was learnt, it was done.

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”
―Ann Landers

If you are ‘letting go’ of something, chances are it wasn’t a healthy attachment be it physically, mentally or emotionally. Perhaps all three. As you get older you begin to become wiser to what is best for you, sometimes walking away is painful, but it is also a step forward. You’re reminding yourself you are worth more than whatever is holding you back or causing you pain. You are realising your self worth and, to my mind, that is never a bad thing.

It doesn’t mean that it will be any less painful, it just means that you trust in what is to come. As a general rule we are creatures of habit, so change is always hard but change always happens for a reason. You need to go with the change to find out what that reason is. Moving away from your comfort zone, the habits you’ve got yourself into, the ones that feel like a nice hug isn’t easy; but then is anything worthwhile in life easy?

 Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 08.43.04

There is so much for us to do in the one short life we have, we all have so many hopes and wishes and dreams, things we want to do, places we want to visit. Sometimes letting go of what is holding you back is the best way to propel yourself into the path to make these dreams come true. After all “as one door closes, another door opens”. We just have to trust that we know what is best for ourselves, and that by letting go of painful situations, we will open ourselves up to so much more happiness than we ever allowed ourselves to imagine. You just have to be brave enough to take that first step.



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